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I am a badger of a “certain age” which basically means there is more grey in my fur than the distinctive markings of a younger badger.  To put it another way, I sit on the fulcrum of this see-saw called life and look both ways.  Many would suggest the way forward is “all downhill” yet I retain enough optimism or perhaps deluded thinking to believe it doesn’t have to be as the many suggest.
As badger’s go I am a fairly reserved and solitary badger.  For years I have journaled, pondering, mulling over things, writing down my thoughts.  I used to write in long hand but out of concern my cubs might stumble across their father’s musings I consigned those journals to the fire, taught myself short hand and once more set off pondering, musing, mulling and writing secure in the knowledge non-one would understand my scribbling.  My burrow is filled with journals written but not re-read for having crystallized my thoughts in one matter I happily begin mulling on another and see no need to refer to earlier scribbling.
So why start to blog and go against the pattern of a lifetime?  Well, my eldest cub started her own blog and encouraged me to follow suit, a friend with whom I breakfast has been encouraging me to write and a wolf who loped into my life last year has also been encouraging me to write.  Besides, if the see-saw of life is not to be “all down hill” occasionally you need to force yourself to do something that is against the grain – or in my case – against my fur!
As much as I would love to amble back down my burrow and begin another journal in shorthand I have decided to take the advice of my cub, my friend and my wolf, stick my nose out of the burrow, do something new and begin to write.
In other guises I have been a Psychiatric Nurse, a Minister of Religion and have worked with the homeless, those with drug and alcohol addictions, so my ponderings are a mixture of the philosophical, the spiritual, the mundane and the wonderful ordinariness of life.
With introductions over, welcome to badger’s blog!

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