A Kiss

It was flung backwards
A kiss that wasn’t quite kissed
As he, string puppet like
Unfolded and shook himself
Out of the car
That awkward phase
Between father and son, when
Love is stretched and all akimbo
Dancing side step
To avoid the bruising
Son needing to know
He is loved
Yet push it all away
In case the burden
Is to much
Fathers fearful
Son will not be enough
Try to toughen
Up their love
Stand in stern akimbo
That kiss, it floats on air
A requiem to the past
A time when love
Was much more certain
It hovers on hope and fear
For sons always hope
They are enough
And love though stretch
Is not too thin
That kisses miss their mark
And fathers fear
Their sons love
Is not so tough
They cannot say

I love you.

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  • Hi Yolanda, thanks for your comment. Actually I wasn't thinking about my father (for a change!, lol). I was walking to work when I passed a young teenager being dropped off by his father. He was at that gangly, awkward stage and he threw his father a kiss before leaping out of the car. They both looked so uncomfortable in their tender uncertainty which gave me the seed thought for this one. Hope you will have a wonderful day. Thanks again. David

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