A Tribute to Two Women Walkers on Beaufort St

I walk to and from work.  It is a distance of about 6.5kms each way.  There is something wonderfully therapeutic just walking, looking around, watching the clouds, being in the moment!
This morning I set off and started walking down Beaufort St.  I became aware of two women walking behind me.  It was their voices I heard, chatting away.  Soon they had overtaken me.  
They were both of smallish statute – petite would sound better and both carried two bags each. Now I’m tall so have a fairly long stride when I walk.  These women were clocking up some speed because they passed me by, four bags between them and two tongues talking non-stop.  We came to the first set of lights where I caught up with them.  They stood waiting for the lights to change and kept talking.
The lights changed, they were off and racing again.  I tried to keep up with them but had no chance.  Off down Beaufort St, bags swinging tongues still talking till the next set of lights.  Repeat performance.
Do you know, those two women carrying 4 bags between them talked non-stop for 6.5kms into the city!  Not only is that a feat, they managed to walk faster than I ever could, they didn’t draw a sweat – sorry women don’t sweat, the glow!  They didn’t draw a glow nor were they breathless!
I was amazed!  I was knackered just from watching them!  The ability to walk fast and talk even faster for 6.5kms is remarkable.
It did get me thinking for any not-for-profit organisation that needs a new fund raising idea, instead of doing fun runs and pooch walks perhaps they could do “walk and talks”.  Women could be sponsored for walking and talking. 

As for me?  I just need a sit down and a coffee to recover!

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