Abandoned Home


Ponderings from Beaufort St – 15th May 2013

It lay abandoned and forlorn
Dust balls playing tag
And cockroaches tripped
The dark fantastic in
Dancing scurrying feet
Eerie laughter echoed
In whispering drafts
That seeped through
Gaps in windows
Warped and aged
And floor boards eased
Their creaking joints
In sagging fitful repose
And remembered happier days
When they were taunt and tight
The doors that closed
Modesty to guard and
Whispered secrets to hold
Now immodest frames
Hang limp and loose
When I walked past
This morning
The home was gone
Mausoleum of memories
Replaced by patch of sand

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  • As always this is a poem that speaks to me. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please visit my blog (yourcoffeenews) for all the information,it really is a journey of discovery that one walks with you day by day. WD