Afternoon Tea

A# struck pianissimo
Politeness compacted to a note
Porcelain fragility resonating
Held in hand, the
Ancient rituals of avoidance
Handed down
Tea sipped in silence
Secrets swallowed
In hot water
Steam’s curtain
Decorously hiding
What we will not say
Eyes peer over china walls
Watchful, on alert
The momentary pause
The muscle twitch
Truth spoken
Though not in words
The ancient rituals
Must be observed
Sitting, frozen, waiting
Time beats out a deeper note
Forte, strident, insistent
Cooling ancient rituals, leaving
Tea leaves, the mulch of hope
To fertilised future dreams
Time ticks
A# is struck as
Cup and saucer unite
Ancient ritual preserved
Nothing left to say
For nothing was said
Just a pinkie raised

The definitive salute

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By badgerslabyrinth