He promised to be there
He promised undying love
Always to be with me
He said he would
Always be true
Always true?
To who or what
He didn’t say
Did he mean
He would be true to me, or
True to himself?
Is a man worth having
Who is always true to himself
But not to me? Or perhaps
A man who is always true to me, but
Not to himself
Is just as worthless to have
It’s such a big word
Full of itself;
Continually, constantly,
Perpetually, unceasingly
Always promising so much
Yet I’m always,
Repeatedly disappointed
By its bluster and bravado
I need a man who’s learnt
It’s not always good
To promise too much
A humble man
Who knows things are not
Always possible to fix
A quiet man
Who doesn’t always
Need to talk
A man’s who’s learnt
Pleasure doesn’t always
Come in a heated rush
I need the spaces of
Perhaps, the pause

Where always stops

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By badgerslabyrinth