An Answer

I need an answer
I’m not sure what to
But an answer I know
Will give me peace
I need an answer
One I like
Not one I don’t
That will only confuse
I need an answer
To know I’m right
To be wrong
Well, would be…..just wrong
I had my aura cleaned
Dry cleaned in fact
I’ve white saged my place
And run the rosary
I have Theta streaming
And candles burning
I have fifteen minutes
I need an answer
I wish I could remember
The question
Life has been too busy
I’m sure you understand
This silence is so annoying
So out of place
I wish you’d speak
And fill this space
Five minutes
Still no answer
The silence is so grating
It’s getting on my nerves
It’s not fair you know
Other people
Get answers
All I get is silence
Did you miss the
Whisper under
The silence?
What whisper?
I didn’t hear anything
Except the silence

It was too loud.

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By badgerslabyrinth