And the Word Multiplied


 I work in a profession where words are important, vital, and crucial.  What I find interesting is the greater emphasis placed on words the less communication takes place.
Sentences are lengthened, added to, doubled.  Letters become three, four, five pages long.  In the attempt to converse and explain fear and anxiety create fortresses behind which people try to hide, determined to prove they are right.  The proliferation of words ends up imprisoning rather than liberating.
There is more to communication than words, there is the empathy of silence; the compassion of shared experience and the sacred hesitancy of recognising the “I” in the other.
Words gathered, collected, solidified
Made concrete
Word by word
Sentence by sentence
Paragraph by paragraph
Fortress built, by armies of words
Tower of Babel repeated
With modern arrogance
Refined, streamlined
With lawyerly exactitude
Words placed precisely
No judgement of confusion.
Tower of words carefully constructed.
With meticulousness and precision
Defended by its supremacy
Secure in the proliferation and propagation of speech
Confined behind words
This human stands protected
Until the word arrives at the full stop
Halted by the miniscule
Fortress breached by space.
Foundations crumbling in the silence of that mark
Lawyerly precision imploding
Self doubt violating arrogance
In the silence
In the stillness
In the space when words dissolve
In the quietness after the tower has been breached
In that place
Humanity seeks out humanity.
Groping to give expression
Words hesitantly spoken
Space compassionately created
In the look of understanding
The nod of sympathetic perception
The “I” in me, affirms the “I” in you.

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