Time once more has circled upon itself
Memories re-awakened, unfurl and leach through my being again
These wafting, ethereal wraith’s seep through the cracks of my thoughts
and dance again with painful softness on my soul.
No Orpheus, I have no flute to play you from the otherworld
No song to sing you back into this sun again 
Only the echo of your laughter bubbles from eternity crosses time and forms the adagio of this dance.
This dance – a ballet of sorrow and pain
Pirouettes learnt on the skewer of intense agony
Grand jette’s practiced in the immobility of frozen sorrow
A ballet clawed out of pain – reflected and refracted.
This anniversary the dance again begins to thrum against my soul.
The opening bars begin to play
The soul reflexively grimaces in anticipation
Yet perhaps, perhaps….
Having danced with death
The soul no longer so contorted, twisted, wracked
Has created a ballroom where light reflected and refracted
Allows memories to dance with painful softness on my soul.

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By badgerslabyrinth