Ashes spread

The light was bleached
Anaemic whiteness instead
Of golden hued
The image flickered
Then having been seen
I was here
Yet also there
Where seconds elongate
And elements are freer
To transgress the laws
Of our security
She who is not me
Yet still a part of me
Came to me, yet do not ask
Of her beauty or her form
She is she and that
Suffices me
Her epiphany was of her timing
And though I knew she sat next to me
I heard her more than saw her
I had a simple question
A question of one word
Why did I ask why?
I cannot remember
Was it a global why?
I do not know
It could have been a
Specific why
I know I asked why?
And she simply said
It is the ashes
Spread in a
Previous life
I woke
And I am none
The wiser why
Though her words
Still echo
In my mind
Karma in a dream?
Is my life
The ashes of
A previous life
Or is this life
A out growing of the
Ashes of a previous life

I have never tried to put a dream into poetic form before, yet I had a powerful dream the other night that has stayed with me and resonated throughout the day.  This poem is a feeble attempt to give that dream some justice

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By badgerslabyrinth