There was Always Something To do There was Always Someone To help There was Always Somewhere To go There was Always, the Frenetic Feverishness That mocked Us, with Monotone Monotony Gnawing at Our dis-ease The virus Of modernity Coursing through Us, with restless Agitation and Inferior insecurity II There was Always God All seeing All knowing All intrusive A recurrent Theological infection In the...

The Loner


A lonerStigmatizedBy isolation I long For the lonely Isolation A modern day Leper Cast out To have the Space to hear The symphony of silence A loser With not Enough selfies The lilting Melody of Stillness The scent of Shame scrabbling at His throat The in breathing scent of Serenity Sitting unseen On the Sidelines To sit unseen In the tranquility Of timelessness Life’s perversity Hating what...

To my Grandson


You loped down the stairs, The outline of your Boyhood receding Like mist In sunlight Your body stretching Into manhood Unknowing and With nonchalance You carried the Shadow of Your uncle You are the Man, of the future That strange amalgam Of your father, Grandfathers and Great-grandfathers Fears and insecurities. Their hopes and graces. And lessons crystallised We men, we spend Our lives...

I woke at 2


I woke at 2
Startled by
The silence
That crept
Into consciousness

And the wind
Held its
Breath, awed
Into stillness
By the silence

I lay motionless
Caressed by
Stillness, waiting

Stars with
Mute disinterest
And cold
Waited as I waited

For my dark lover
To enter and consume
Me, as I sunk
Into the

This Heart


It’s been around This heart Patched, Parts stitched, A tapestry Woven, still Weaving. A tapestry Of colours The grey of grief, The gold of grace, Passion’s purple And love? Its blush? Now I am Realising, I have Crossed the line, The threshold Where I crave The silver Of silence That space Between words That pause, before Your kiss That moment Of suspense Before release Time, stilled Suspended...



I am a Libran

Do not forget
Behind my smile
You are weighed

Do not mistake
My politeness
For liking, for
You are balanced

On the scales
Few there are
Who balance them
And fewer still

Who tip
The them
To their favour
And fewer still

Who have
The wisdom
To know
My smile

Is my mask
My social grimace
Behind which
I watch and wait

I am a Libran
I weigh
I wait
While watching



The pressure of his hand Anxiously uncertain The sinewy sensuousness Of quadriceps rising To kneel in Supplication or adoration Ambiguously unknown The warm toxicity Of breath Eyes searching The boundaries Of the face, For some tenuous flare Of recognition Time eclipsed In the masked ball of reversed reality Where nakedness is Revealed but not The intimacy of Our name Moments, Fragments Of time...

Requiem for the other David


I am his Namesake, an Unknown uncle This other David He had Long gone By the time I arrived His life Compacted To a phrase Died of war wounds And I Wonder Who he was This man Committed To oblivion No grainy Black and white To give his Features visage His presence, Forgotten But for Four words Died of war wounds I wonder What were his wounds What was his war Did he have time To love His spectral...

Words – No 2


They come at me With incessant insistence Demanding, not just A hearing, but Some response A word begets Words, then A sentence, and A sentence, not having The decency to know It’s limits Becomes a paragraph Spoken at me, Rolling over me Requiring some Answer, a word becoming A sentence, drowning In a paragraph Words clashing With words Consonants and Vowels jarring At volume While I Starve for...