Between You and Me

There is a space
Between me and you
Yet we are told,
If we love we shall be one
A single whole, complete
Forgive me, if
I’m not so sure
I want to be a single whole
I know the norm is,
I should leave and cleave
I’m sorry.
I can leave but
Cannot cleave.
Perhaps it’s my fault
I like this space
Between me and you
In this space
I know where you start
And where I stop
The boundaries are clear
But if we’re one?
Enmeshed, entangled
Brittle reflection of a whole
Reflecting you
You’re my reflection
Reflected back to me
You see, I like the space
Between you and me
I want to see you and me
I do not want to be
A reflection of a mirrored image of me
I like this space between you and me
For mystery needs some space
And in this place
I see you
I see your mystery
So while you may want to be
My one, enmeshed and only one
I’ll keep this space between us
This space where I can see

The mystery of you and me

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