I reached between the stars
Cold sentinels of space
I scattered my prayers
Meteors of faith
Flashed brilliant
Then disappeared
With no response
I reached between the stars
And pulled eternity to me
Its veil of inky blackness
Shrouding my anonymity
And calling into space
Reverberating echoes of silence
Came back to haunt me
I reached between the stars
A traveller, I travelled far
In the spaces of my soul
Unanswered prayers
No longer disappoint
Nor echoes of silence
Plague me
I reached between
For life is lived between
Between this kiss and the next
Between the blink of eyes
Between the sighing breath
It is enough
To live between
One day,
Somewhere in between
The melody will call me
The harmonic symphony
Of eternal silence
And I will no longer
Be between

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