Cask (ed) Aside


Ponderings from Beaufort St – 14th May 2013
It lay on its side
Alone and forlorn
Cast aside,
It’s gaping hole, haven for wind swept leaves
To huddle against mornings icy chill
In melancholy memory of
Greener days of spring
Now discarded
Useless flotsam
Fouling busy street
Once it held
Carmine, passionate red
Elixir from the gods
Who decreed
Grapes fermented
And in moderation taken
Should warm the souls of men
To add a glow of erudition
To conversations ebb and flow
And take the chill of loneliness
And dull the edge of weariness
Somewhere an eye lid struggling open
Squinted against the pain of light
And neural pathways
Inflamed and festering
Protested against the puzzling pieces
Of incoming thought
Recollections form
Of Carmine red too quickly drunk
Of friendships turned ugly
Of fights and cruel words
Of inferiorities unleashed
To rule with
Mean despotic superiority
Recollection recalls
A bladder ripped
In greedy grasp from cask,
Then tossed aside
Elixir drunk with passion great and hopeful
To still the screaming torments
Of his soul
I was walking to work and passed an empty wine cask.  It was lying there ripped open and the bladder of wine long gone.  The above is my ponderings on the empty wine cask!

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