Certainty? Certainly Not!


We look for certainty.
To assure ourselves
We have a place
A room within universal immensity
Where sovereign in our confidence
We reign, the center of our selves.
We look for certainty
To convince ourselves
Loved and cherished
The center of all that is
Deemed by deities
To possess immense potentialities.
We look for certainty
To prove to ourselves that we are right
And in our rightness and our correctness
In our perfection
We judge those who
Have no certainty and sureness
And perhaps
The uncertain and unsure
Are right
The point of certainty
Is the space between the question and the answer.
For the problem with the question
Is whether it is the right question.
And the problem with the answer
Is it might be the answer to the wrong question.
Perhaps it is in the vagueness of uncertainty
That we are most certainly ourselves.

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