City Street

City street gritty and growling
Restless in the afternoon heat
Fractious and testy
With sudden summer
The farts and fumes of cars
All wind and noise
Rushing somewhere else
Buses barging in with self-importance
Who says size does not count
White noise of engine sounds
Missing the Theta range
By many octaves, leaves me
Disgruntled, thoughts a
Traffic jam of frustration
Smokers rush with ritual compulsion
To their sacred alter
A votive bin constantly alight
White smoke, another
Fag not put out
Asthmatic trees
Their anaemic leaves
Congested from too much fumes
Trunks weedy from malnutrition
Struggle vainly
Fantasies of the night
Fed by texts and messages
Blink and disappear
Electronic detritus

Dissolve in the atmosphere

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By badgerslabyrinth