Come to me

I saw my lover
Standing in shadows
I called to him
The door is open
My heart is unlocked
The bed is lit
With the moon’s delight
And warmed with love’s heat
Come to me
My lover
Lie next to me
Let me delight you with kisses
Let your scent intoxicate me
Let my hand trace your thighs
Let me feel your heat
Let me cradle you tonight
We have time
There is no hurry
I will hold you tonight, my lover
As the moon dips
And eyelids close on blue pools
I will keep watch of you
Let me gaze into your eyes
Let our bodies
Dance together
Too soon, too soon
Day comes
Come to me, my lover, tonight
Those of you who have read what I have written earlier will know I come from a religious background and was a minister of religion.  I always find it amusing that in the Bible there is the Song of Solomon, an intensely erotic piece of writing that largely gets ignored or sanitized by being treated allegorically.  I think, generally we are more prudish than God is about sexuality and sensuality.
This piece is both an attempt to write of love in the style of the Song of Solomon and to push my boundaries.

Like many pieces of poetry it has its basis in a real person.  I hope it makes him laugh, even as he has brought laughter to me.

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