Dam your prayers


I was fed a lie

Suckled on illusions

Of sanctity suffocating

My stifled humanity

The all-seeing eye

Of a God, choked thoughts

That gagged on the nipple

Of holiness but not wholeness

I wonder what

He thought, as He

Watched, fear

Smother my humanity

Love perverted

By parameters of ideologies

The certainties of dogma’s

Making it easier

For His drones

Castrated by their fear

To warm themselves at

The empty hearth of faith

They assure me

They pray for my redemption

But I paid that price


Once I lived

Redemption’s lie.

Seeking heaven

I ended in hell

So, dam your prayers

Your cloying desires

To create another

Clone of conformity

I will not bow

To a God, shrunken

By your certainty

You know Its mind

I may be aging.

But aging, still I rage

That I

Was fed a lie

Take your sanctity

And your certainty

Dam your prayers

And piety

For I was fed a lie

But I, I have learnt

To live with

My humanity

About the author


Same sex attracted (SSA) man, who has the privilege of being a father and a grandfather. A man whose early upbringing in fundamentalistic Christianity has evolved into a strong connection with the spiritual, esoteric and philosophical branches of understanding. Finally, a person who craves the quiet stillness and deep silence of the eternal present

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By David