It started with a step
More half a step
Tenuous, careful
As it testing
Then retreating
Two steps back
The momentum of that step
Crept, toe tapping forward
It tapped a beat
Then two
Shoe shuffled
Then two beats became three
Movement began as a twitch
Self-conscious spasm
Key to unlock
Decades rule against movement
The twitch became a ripple
Supple, sinuous, sensuous
Syncopated with three beat feet
Then with a sigh
A sigh that blew open his doors
He danced in careless freedom
He danced his dance
His dance of liberation
And some look on in disbelief
And some in sneering disdain
But he unconcerned,
Had finally got the beat
Had the rhythm of his dance
The syncopating beat of feet
It was his dance
His dance alone
He danced his liberation and his freedom
He danced his grief, his sadness
He danced his joy, his laughter
He danced as he never had
He danced as he thought he never would
He danced for he had learnt
To dance his dance

His dance alone.

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