Dialogues on Love – No 1

I saw him in the shadows
Brooding deep and dark
His breath vapoured white
Drew my eyes to him
A puff of cloud in night’s cold air
He lured me to himself
Yet drawing deeper into shadows
He sought to disappear
And all the bells did toll
To warn my tempted soul
But I ignored their cautious ring
And followed after him
No moon did light my path
As I stalked him
Cowled eyes unseen gazed at me
And seemed to weigh me up
Yet still I followed the path of fools
To see where he would go
I turned a corner
And he was gone
A phantom of the night
Perhaps t’was just a figment
Of a lonely heart
I stood and tried to see ahead
But it was black and dark
And sighing with a heavy heart
I turned once more back to the light
And in the space ‘tween black and light
Where grey was most opaque
He whispered in my ear
“what do you seek?”
His breath was warm upon my neck
His whisper rich and deep
I turned to answer him
But a single tear
Ran down my cheek
We stood in silence
Him and I
Separated by that tear
And then he whispered yet again

Tomorrow night.

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