Dialogues on Love No 2

As night closed in
And shadows turned to black
I went once more
To meet with him
Though I knew not
If he would come for me
I hoped with all my heart
And while I hoped I asked myself
What did I want from him?
Companion, lover, friend
I knew not
I didn’t even know his name
All I knew, that moth like
I was attracted to him
Down dark lanes I scurried
Foolish desire, hope and racing heart
And reaching where we last met
I stood and listened for his breath
But all was silent in the dark
I turned as disappointment rose
And mocked my hope
“You’ve come into the cold
To meet a phantom of the night
I leant against the wall
And closed my eyes
In prayer that would not come
And as I stood and turned to go
I heard his voice
“You go so soon?
The night is young
The shadows still not deep’
I caught my breath
And looked around
Yet him I could not see
“Where are you?” I asked
“I cannot see;
Where are you and how do you see me?”
I heard a chuckle, low and deep
Then his presence next to me I felt
And whispering in my ear, he spoke
You will see when your soul sees
And the soul sees when the Seer sees
I listened to the silence
He said no more
“What is your name” I asked
“and who is this Seer?”
He simply said
“The Seer is the one who sees
Who witnesses and is
The Lover of your soul”
We stood in stillness
“Your name?” I asked again
We stood so long
I thought he had not heard
Then he murmured
Your tear, last night?”
As if he read my soul
He said
You are lonely and upset
You want friends, companionship
A lover to take you in their arms
Entwined to ride the wave of orgasmic bliss
Lost in romantic passion
You want to know you’re not alone
But do you really know what you ask for?
Do you know the fight of love?
Or the fight of rage about love?[1]
And I stood and it was true
I knew not of what he spoke
This fight of love.

[1]Phrase is taken from Madness in the Family – Stories” by William Saroyan, pg.48

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