Dialogues on Love No 3

I pondered what he meant
About the fight of love
I know that lovers fight
For I have my battles fought
What did he mean?
This fight of love
I wondered as I walked
The night drew in
And shadows kissed me
As I passed them by
Phantoms of darkness
Memories of lost loves
Slipped between my feet
A tribute to my failure
The loves I’ve had but could not keep
The loves I wanted but could not have
The loves I desired that desired me not
The loves of my imagination
The love I have received
The love that enriched and emboldened
Were these the fight of love he spoke of?
I wondered if it was me
Perhaps I had missed out
My soul defective to love’s delights
I thought of promises made
That could not be kept
Of fear and struggle
And vows in sacred space
Pondering, I scuffed through
Withered leaves of love’s memory
As I wandered home
And as I reached my door
I turned and strode with firmer step
To find this stranger of the dark
And ask of him

What is this fight of love?

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