Dialogues on Love No 4

I stood and waited
In the void of night
An empty fruitless wait
Chilled, I entered a bar
To numb my soul
On some synthetic cheer
Embracing my Shiraz
I found a corner dark
And raised my lips to taste her flesh
The richness of her savour
Her peppery kisses on my lips
Her full bodied flavour
Soon had me warmed
And while she wrapped her arms round me
I watched
The couple at the bar
The boyish grin, to wide, too pleased
A signifier he had caught his catch
But not too sure
What next to do
He did not know her drink
They giggled and they laughed
Each comment imbued with significance
Their bodies danced close
But not to close, for
Touch was still to come
Their eyes luminous with love
I wondered what would be,
If love would crack with time
And dull luminosity.
The two at the table
Stared into their wine
While silence sat between them
A train run out of track
With nothing left to say
The force of habit repeated
Into a rut
And passed for love
I wondered what it would take
For love to spark
For eyes descaled to see afresh
What treaties would have to be drawn?
And boundaries marked
For eyes to lift again
And see with love
I sighed
And turned to warm my lips
And kiss her glassy curves
Perhaps this fight of love
Is tilting at wind mills
Perhaps sands of time
Leech and bleed
The heart of love
Fossilised memories
To what was or might have been
Perhaps tis easier to pay for love
Illusion that is time weighed
Yet still we search
Like him, propping up the bar, convinced
He’ll find love, at least for tonight
I sensed him before I saw
I watched him as he walked
Across to me
He walked with supple confidence
I wondered why he was shadow bound
What did he fear?
I wondered how he had tracked me
I wondered as I watched
And reaching me, he leant across
Took my glass and raised it to his lips
He savoured my shiraz
Then leant across once more
And whispered in my ear
“Come walk with me”

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