I hear the sounds
And watch their mouths
Masticating language as if in final feast
The juice of mangled words
Dribbling down self assured chins
Slurping, regurgitated consonants
I see and hear
Distracted, agitated
For another sound comes to my ear
The echo of the spoken word
Heard before it’s said
I hear
The sound of love’s bloom uncurling
Petals opening to whispered expectation
I listen to
Symphonic sound of sunbeams on glass
Crystallized notes of warmth
I’m distracted by the final prayer
Of a star’s expiration
The final breath
Of a soul’s cessation
I’m distracted
Diverted and abstracted
So if you speak to me
Speak slowly, or not at all
Don’t slurp or slur your words
And if I stare
I’m not rude
Just preoccupied and perturbed
For I hear the
Sound of others world
A world that calls to me
Attracts and entices me
I hear the echo of a word
Said before it’s spoken

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