Dream No 1

Dreamscape frozen
Dragged into daylight
Image that should have dissipated
Vapours burned off
With heat of flickering eye
Lies like a corpse wrapped in ice
Behind my eyes
Cadaver lead belted
That dangles out of reach
As I surface punch drunk from sleep
Ice queen unshrouded
Did the cold light of moon
Disturb your sleep?
Did the orb of the queen of the night
Raise your howling fury
Your vengeance insatiable
In life
You rose in skeletal finery
And strode the borderlands
To persecute my sleep
You hide your agate fury
Behind Madonna eyes
Eyes disguised in long suffering piety
A trap to lure me close enough
To feel the bite of your ferocity
The iciness of your poison
Freezing life’s arteries
Petrifying heart
I know your tricks
The tools of your trade
Dreaming I do
What I could not do
I tell you what I thought of you
Still with simpering saintliness
You try to lure me into silence
With eyes of down cast piousness
You garrote and castrate me
Vicious queen of godliness
But what you did in life
I will not do to myself
Ice queen
You lie in marbled splendour
On throne of worms and grit
Content I, having drunk your cup
And felt your fanged kiss
Will continue to castrate myself
Yet petrified heart has cracked
And frozen arteries thawed
I will not do down
Into your cold embrace
My rage will keep me warm
Eyes of fiery orbs
Will greet your pious eyes
No eunuch to your iciness
Your winter years have past
Now is the time of day
Retreat back to memories
Cold sanctuary
Take my truth
Back through the borderlands

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