Faith or Love

Faith, wafer thin
Raised in hope
Host of expectation
That we can make
It through the night
Of our existence
And find purpose
A morsel to remind us
There is a point
Faith, a mustard seed
Was said, to be enough
It wasn’t
The mountain did not move
It stayed and laughed at us
The mountain of our unloving
And God in cruel jest
Told us to love
For love was more than faith
I tricked myself
I had the trinity
Had faith and love and hope
Hope? Perhaps I should have started there
There with hope and not with faith
I could have hoped
To have some faith and
Hoped to love
For love was of a different track
It is a cruel God
That asks of me to love
Mere mortal that I am
I need the heat of human flesh
The softness of his lips
I need to hear his rasping breath
When into sleep he slips
I need to hear him groan
His love and see him
Lose control
It’s this, in
The is-ness of this second
That I mere
Passing passion
Learn to love
And rooted in this is-ness
The messiness of human stain
I learn the dignity of love
And learn to say good bye
But faith, wafer thin
That has me stumped
Is there a point to faith?
Faith I am a figment of
Celestial imagination or simply
My fertile, fervent dreaming
What is the point of me?
Love me, kiss me

It will be enough for me

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By badgerslabyrinth