Father Forgive Me

Father forgive me
For I have sinned
I have missed the mark
I’ve done wrong
I’m sorry
Forgive me
Father forgive me
For I got caught
Grant me your grace
I’ll take care
Next time
Not to get caught
Father forgive me
You said you would be faithful
If I just asked
Now I ask
Just take the guilt
The sin was good
Father, I sinned
Yet it was good
I was alive
As I missed your mark
But I hit mine
And it was great
Father I’m not certain
I sinned
The guilt is not so great
And I am not so sure
It really was that wrong
It felt so right
Father I forgive you
Forgiveness flows two ways
I forgive the disappointment
You are not the God
I thought you were
And for the pain you caused to me
Father I forgive you
For in the end
You need me
Perhaps more than I need you
For who is God
Without a man?

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By badgerslabyrinth