Fiddle Sticks of Thoght


They fall in a heap
But they’re supposed to fall in line
Rational ordered and complete
They can be lined end to end
Or built one on the other
I don’t mind
They just have to be straight
Consistent lines
This heap will not do!
Random stack of messy sticks
Lying cross ways, at an angle
All a tangle
Scattered, with no thought of order
Piece meal thoughts
Fractious, restless
I must tidy these thoughts
Catalogue and categorise
Tab and tag
File and sort them out
Carefully I pick one out
A single thought and place it down
I know where I put this thought
But now it’s gone
I try again
Another thought to sort
I lift it from my mind
But this thought
Knocks another
That moves and hits another
Oh fiddlesticks

These disordered thoughts of mine

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