Friday Drinks

Ponderings from Beaufort St – 31stMay 2013
As he marched by
It was his boots
That drew my eye to him
Boots that once could have
Adorned a woman’s foot
As adder-like she snaked up
The corporate ladder
Now they, square toed
Decked out his feet
And clipped across the street
While by his side with equal pride
Was his best mate
Whose nature was spirited and sweet
His mate’s first name was Jim
His middle names
Beam With
His surname
But in Aussie style
It was hyphened to JB
T’was 8 o’clock and while the workers
Rushed to desks and ringing phones
JB and his best mate strode with confidence
To find a sunny spot
Where they could toast the
Last day of the week and warm
Their chilly bones
Now I, I like my friends
Spirited but not so sweet
And 8am is not
A social hour for me
So I will have to wait
Till me and my mate

Can toast the ending of the week

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