Give me Back


I believed him

When he said

Perfection was possible

And sanctity

The path.

The magnificence

Of perfection

Celestial music

To a runt, precarious

In his place

But he, omitted

And not from ignorance

To tell,

The toll, mandated

By perfection

I set off


But, naïve

Of the price

She would extract

She stripped me

Of my demons,

Castrating them or

Perhaps, it was me,

A gelding for perfection

Now I,

Years later

Sipping gin

Know the price

She extracts.

Perfection was the lie

I could not reach

Yet paid the cost

Too much.  The

Loss of my demons

Give me back

My demons

The sulphuric

Subtle, sibilant


Of possibilities

Outside the plasticity

Of perfection

Give me back

Lusts frisson

Let me quench

My thirst, licking

The sweat

Of passions

Heat.  And

Dam perfection

Sanctities path

Dam castrated males

Give me back

My lust

About the author


Same sex attracted (SSA) man, who has the privilege of being a father and a grandfather. A man whose early upbringing in fundamentalistic Christianity has evolved into a strong connection with the spiritual, esoteric and philosophical branches of understanding. Finally, a person who craves the quiet stillness and deep silence of the eternal present

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By David