Grieving for Grief

How does one grieve for grief?
When grief is all that’s left
How do we let it go
And say good bye with grace?
They say, time heals
I’m not so sure
Perhaps time blurs the pain
The rest?  We delude ourselves
Don’t ask of me
To say good-bye with grace
Rabid dog I will protect
The grief I have left
Don’t come to me with platitudes
Do not say you’ll pray for me
I’ll claw your chest
And rip your heart
I’ll wait to see
If time heals your wounded heart
And if you
Still delude yourself
I’ll howl a lone dementing howl
I’ll yowl and wail my grief
Raw and vicious, I’ll pour it out
The grief that I have left.
If you have grieved
Till grief is all you have left
And if you’ve found a way
To grieve for grief
Then come to me
Stand next to me
Tell me what you learnt
For I have yet to learn to grieve for grief.

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