Guilt’s Monk

Cowled eyes downcast
Hidden in my shadows
Universe constricted to
Moving feet
The constant motion
Of my restless soul
Pacing to escape
The guilt I will not name
Penitential prayers
No peace or forgiveness bring
Condemning myself
Guilt keeps pace
Mercy’s quality
A gift to others
On myself, I won’t bestow
What would I do
With compassion’s pity
How could I let guilt go?

The sacrament of sovereignty
My rite of potency
Shrivels before my judgment
Yet still with poignant ache
I yearn to be embraced
And kissed by grace
I seek the easy part
Approval from divinity
The harder part
Is to accept myself
To gift myself
With compassion’s grace
My restless soul
Finds peace
When I learn to
Look with love
Into eyes

My eyes, unhidden

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