Hallways from my mind

 To the memory of a 15 year old
Silent hallways
Passages of emptiness
No place to stop and rest
Endless walking to nothingness
Don’t run, just walk
One slow insubstantial step
A step to nowhere
I hope is anywhere but here
Yet here is where I am
One step marking time
Everlasting nihilism
In the hallway of my life
Life compressed into four walls
Beige existence monotonous
Silent horror show of rocky normality
Lived in empty passage ways
Parents, people stride straight through me
I have no walls to them
I am their passage way
They have no time to stand with me
I stand in the silent hallway of my life
I speak no word to disturb
Dumb and mute
As empty as the empty hallway of my life
Sometimes it is enough
To survive the emptiness
To trust the current of nothingness
Will carry you to somewhere else
Sometimes, if we are lucky
Passage ways become door ways
Door ways to something

And we can risk leaving the nothingness

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