I am the haunted
Who dwells
In the mansion of my hauntings
Content to wander ghostly corridors
Grovelling in guilty shrouds
Apologising for being me
I wander deserted hallways of my mind
Cobwebs strung across
Neural pathways
Dust catchers instead of dreams
Spiders of guilt, sucking on the
Ashes of what I could have been
I dance in the grey, grey light
In my arms embraced
Under guilt’s revolving disco ball
Fractured, rupturing
Splintering me
I dance for absolution
What would I do with absolution
What do the haunted do
When healed
Drink absinthe to forget
The ghosts of our own making
Wormwood grown fat on layers of guilt
I am the haunted
I am the haunting
In minds mirrored halls, I see
Reflected back to me
My genuflecting
To the ghouls of me
They feed on me
These parts of me
Yet they are not me
For the whole of me
Is more
Than a summary of my parts
I am not the haunted
I am not the haunting
I am the dreamer
I am the dancer
I am the dreaming dancer

The dancer who is me

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