Hope’s Silent Arrival


Midst cracked headstones
Silent witnesses to
Faded eulogies
Of what might have been
Green leafed hope springs
Midst broken wings
Of angels cast in stone
Who could not soar
Promethean bound and chained
Unbound bud of hope grows
Midst tarnished dreams
Of plastic flowers
Perpetual indulgences
Of frozen grief
The flower of hope unfrozen, blooms
Midst remorse of what might have been
And grief at what we think we lost
Hope springs, silently, brazenly
Like Persephone returning
In riotous gentle display
Life is for living
What might have been might still yet be
And what was lost might still be found
Hope resurrects us to the present
And frees us from our pasts
Hope simply asks of us
The grace not to fret,
The patience to wait
The gift of sight
To see her glorious return

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