I Am, My Thoughts


I find it interesting how we often allow our thinking to restrict us.  A thought, a neural impulse, repeated often enough can restrict and constrict our lives.
How often do we live constrained by our fears that have no basis in reality just the simple fact we have lived with these fears for so long we identify with them?
If we can jolt the solidity of our thoughts we often find we have more possibilities and options than we thought possible.
The following is an attempt to capture this.
Neural impulse
Given shape by senses
Embodied by perception
Gives rise to nascent thought.
Thought formed
Recurring, gains life
Given substance by repetition and memory
Grows, solidifies
Concrete thought
Dictator of future options
Constraining potentialities within its solidity
Despotic restriction of possibilities
I am, said thought
I am my thought
A loyal subject to the despotic reign of its solidity
A crack,
A space between concrete thought
A jarring of solidity
The impulse of potentialities.
Thought transmuting to nascent dreaming
Restrictions imploding
Possibilities emerging
Senses and perception re-awakened
I am not, said thought
I am not my thought
I am free subject of possibilities

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