I am that

I am that shadow behind your smile
Unseen, yet
I dull your beam
Transgress its openness
I am the slithering restlessness
That snakes through your happiness
A rustling you thought you heard
And yes, you did
A restlessness that leaves
Your happiness on edge
Gladness on guard
Against itself
I stand in the spaces
Of half open doors
Neither in or out
On the edge of both
I am the creaking silence
Behind doors within your soul
The rasping whisperings
You rush in business not to hear
I am your fear you are not enough
Enough of what you are not sure
Just the fear, the chilling thought
You are not enough
You turn and turn again
First this way, then that
Demented dogs trying
To catch their tails
How can you catch a shadow?
How do you hold restlessness?
How do you catch spaces between doors?
And rasping silences?
I am you shame
You know me well
I am the puppeteer

I hold your unseen strings

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