I Am

I am
Pure essence of myself
But essence of myself
Is not enough
I’m told
More is required
Much more
A layer of discipline
Wrapped with a leaf of responsibility
A film of embarrassment
Held within a skin of guilt
A rose
First buds then blooms
In simple majestic confidence
But I
Born in bloom
Grew and contracted
To a bud
Shamed I was not enough
I hid my wonder
It was too clumsy
I hid my awe
It was not cool
My tastes too gay
My manner too straight
I am
Not myself
Now a Chimera
Composed of many parts
All disagreeable in their joining
Perhaps it’s not too late
Contraction can be inverted
The bud reversed back into blooming
Having learnt to be for others
I can learn to be for me
I am

The simple essence of myself

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By badgerslabyrinth