I Wonder

I watch them as they walk by
Hand in hand
Some inane comment
Given depth
By love’s allure
And I wonder….
I watch them as they sit
Mobile phones forgotten
Amazed that eyes
Without speaking
Can say so much
And I wonder….
I watch them as they kiss
Lingering and long
The tender excitement
Of passion’s insistence
Love laced with lust
And I wonder….
I wonder at the route
That brought me to this point
Grown tired of love’s obligations
The poet’s, they don’t write of this
They pen of blossoming or
Unrequited love
The symphony
And the tragedy
But for me
It is the ennui
The tedium
Of love’s obligation
It’s not I can’t love
More love’s heart is
Hibernating, so in this winter
Of my love
I am content to

Wonder….I wonder?

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