I’m a safe maker
Maker of boxes
Made so safe
You cannot see
I know each box
It’s key
And where it is hidden
But I won’t tell
I’m a safe maker
I’m a carpenter
Maker of boxes
Coffins of many sizes
Histories large and small
Buried in hurried funerals
So as not to embarrass myself
I know the unmarked plots
But I won’t tell
I’m a drag queen
Though more drag
Than queen
I masquerade and
I do it well
Its smoke and mirrors
I blow smoke on the outside
And the mirrors inside?
That I won’t tell
I’m a magician
Conjuror of tricks
I juggle my performances
I juggle well for I learnt
From the best
I can keep you fooled
Till I take my last bow
Secrets I won’t tell
I’m a comedian
I make you laugh
I point out the positives
And give you pearls for
Tear drops
Yours not mine
I don’t have pearls
That are mine
But I won’t tell
I’m a man
I keep my secrets in safe boxes
I have buried my past far away
The mirror inside me I cannot stand
I keep you fooled
For then I keep you away
But you like me
Cause you laugh
Now I must tell
I lonely
I’m isolated
I’m tired of being in a box
I’d like to be myself
And not blow smoke
I’d like you to hold me
When I cry
Would you lend me a pearl?
I’m a man

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By badgerslabyrinth