Is it enough?

Is it enough
When sun and moon pause
Suspended in celestial sky
The greater and the lesser light?
Is it enough
When light displays and dances
Threads of silken rays
Through leaves burnished gold and red?
Is it enough
The symphony of birds
Song sung from hearts
Unburdened, unconcerned?
Is it enough
This riotous bounty of nature
Its uncontained magnificence
Cast with wanton extravagance
To saturate the senses
And marinate the mind
To soak the soul
In sensual indulgences
Is it enough to break the web
Of fears and uncertainties
Of calamities I’ve conjured in my mind
Is it enough to break the chains
Of loneliness I’ve crafted for myself
To breach the battlements I have built
To keep the others out
Is it enough to break the hold
Of my inferiority
That nature so bold should
Be a part of me.
Is it enough?
The question comes to me
Is nature’s bounty
To take me out of me?
When I have left my fears
And condemnations far behind
When I have broken down the battlements
And the hold of inferiority released
Then my soul will rise and sing
And joining with natures fecundity
It’s prolificacy and beauty
My soul will proclaim
It is enough
It is enough for me!

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  • Nice piece. I particularly like the alliterations you made in the fourth stanza. I was able to feel the elements you were describing.