It was not enough

With baleful eyes
You stared
Breathing animosity
That life had rendered you
Like this
As if it were my fault
Aged had made a fool of you
The indignity of accepting your mortality
Was not the script
God had not read His part
With miserly discontent
You gripped each breath
Sucking its marrow
As if will power alone
Could stall approaching death
In your Gethsemane
There was no betrayal
Except the betrayal of yourself
Three times was love declared
Three times it was rejected
No cock crowed
To break your heart
A son’s love was not enough
To soften hardened eyes
And stony heart
I could only give my love
Yet it was not enough
My final words
Crucified on the cross
Of your hate
No glorious resurrection
Of acceptance
Just death creeping
Through baleful eyes
And stony heart

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By badgerslabyrinth