A scrawny frame
For an army coat
The symbol of
Disciplined conformity, subverted
To despairs silent scream
Truck cabins
Tired from daily work
Fought over for the night
Driven with different gear sticks
Fogged with lusty heat
And levees
And the song
Of chevees and levees
And I remember
I cried when I heard
But God above was not concerned
This scrawny teenager
Wasn’t in His plans
For world redemption
Collateral damage is what it’s called
The devil and I made a pact
He would not tempt my lust
And I gave him my skill
To love
Quid pro quo
Misery redeemed
A lighted hearted disciple
Of Winnie the Pooh
Devotion manifested
In weekly readings
Would I write a
Book of love
Of what I gained and
What I lost
By the levees of Kerang
I changed my army coat
For conformities uniform
I joined God’s army
After all, the devil and I
Had a pact
But I was not
The conforming type
World redemption too grand a theme
I had to find what I had lost

By the levees of Kerang

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By badgerslabyrinth