Leaves of my mind


Ponderings from Beaufort St – 20th May 2013

They lie discarded
Curling, frayed
Choking the pathways of my mind
Listless, lifeless and inert
Moldering autumnal thoughts
I scuff at them
To see if from their scrunching,
Some brief creativity may spark
But sighing
They crumble and disintegrate
I’d like to think
My thoughts were bursting buds of
Inspiration green
My contemplations were
Of spring’s strength and vigour
I’d even settle
For ideas of summer’s warmth
Yearning passion
Meditations on
Sun’s fullness and heat’s lust
Instead my thoughts are weary
Damp and dank
They lie, cluttered, muddled
Leaves of fading possibilities
Choking the footpaths of my mind

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