Losing faith in faith

In the end it was simple
Rolling over
Snuggling into doona
Still warm from turbid sleep
Blinking awake
It had gone
No burning at the stake
No reasoned thesis
Staked to conscience’s door
Guilt had tried its best
To keep a convert
In the fold
Feet swung out of bed
Stood on solid ground
The sudden realization
Of vacant space;
Yet, solid ground remained
In place of faith
The years came down to this
A simple blink
The body waking
And somewhere in the night
Faith had fled
Faith had lost faith in faith
In the quiet waking
The day approaching
I knew I’d lost my faith
And in the losing
I was free
To be myself

I was reading a review in the Weekend Magazine by William Yeoman and he used the phrase “losing faith in faith”.  It reminded me of my own loss of faith in the religion of my up-bringing.  This poem is the result.

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