Lost Voice

First it was taught to be nice
Not to speak its truth
To refrain, or at least
Recommended to reframe
As long as it was nice
This voice garrotted
Strangled on its niceness
Sweet words congealed
Into a sticky mess
Solidified, took on another tone
The voice then trained
To sing
Faith’s falsetto
It sang of faith and love
Of purity and grace
All the while
It suffocated in the smoke
Of unanswered doubt
And consolidated into another pitch
Having mastered
Christian niceness
The third lesson of this voice
Was how to counsel
As if concerned
The Nice, Christian voice
Full of concerned compassion
Was throttled, and restrained
For others
Wants and needs
This nice Christian, counselling voice
Having learnt its lessons well
Garrotted, strangled
Asphyxiated, suffocated
Throttled and restrained
Lay silent
Yet in the silence
Of that darkness
One small cinder
Yet remained

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