The search for love is the great adventure
We hold such expectations that we will find the one
That one who completes us,
In whose eyes we see ourselves
We imagine a life of bliss, of perfect union
A life where two become one, lost in each others embrace
We search and we grow disappointed when we cannot find that one
Frustration grows to cynicism.
We settle for one now, hoping in their company the excesses of loneliness will be masked.
We delude ourselves that while we wait for “the one” this one will do
We watch others whom we think have “the one”
We imagine their life, love’s union satisfied in orgasmic bliss
We do not stop to question our fantasy
For we cannot see their hearts, their private loneliness
Dissatisfaction masked by polite smiles
Imagining their union
We grow discontent with our lives
And imagine we are hard done by
Complaining it isn’t fair; we cannot find “the one”
The one who will share our fantasy
Yet love does not live in fantasy
Nor in the dream of another who can complete us
Love is the adventure of learning to love ourselves
Love starts with us and ends with us.
“The one” we look for is just the prod
To teach us to love ourselves
Fantasies will fail.
And relationships based on fantasies will also fail
So do not complain when they do
They are simply following their nature
Remember, “the one” you imagine
May not be the one who will be your prod
For what the mind thinks it knows
The heart truly knows
Your heart will find the one
Who will teach you to love yourself
And who the heart chooses may surprise you
But learn to trust your heart
For the adventure of love is simply that
Learning to trust your heart
To see within yourself
The beauty of your nature
For when you can love yourself

Then you can love the other.

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By badgerslabyrinth