Love’s Laugh

The bed is warmed
And petals spread
The wine is poured
And light is dim
I undressed
Wait your touch
Hold me in your arms
Wrap me in your embrace
Fill my mouth with your kisses
Let my bones feel your heat
Let passion mount within me
Let me breathe in ecstasy
And Love laughed
A cruel laugh
I’m not your fantasy
The melody of your dramatics
My gift is not your pleasure
My flair is not your passions heat
For I am love
And in love will strip you
I’ll leave you lonely and alone
Most will cringe in abject isolation
Convinced they are deserted, unloved
Will cower in desperation
Distracted grasp at substitutes
They’ll dial for
Locums of love
They’ll search the desert sands
To find the particle of one
They hope will satisfy
If you can stand the loneliness
And in dignity keep your peace
You’ll see my greatest gift to you
You’ll learn that you are loved by love
And learning to love yourself

Will then have love to give.

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