Madness’ Dance

Come dance with me
Said madness
Come dance this dance with me
Let me hold you in my arms
While you loose touch
With reality
You’ve things to do
I know
There’s washing and there’s dusting
There’s being sensible and straight
But come and loiter, linger on the floor
And let me dance with you
For time is but a construct
And work will wait
Dance is for the present
So come and dance with me
We’ll dance the slow waltz of
A slow one, two, three
Stately in its solemnity
Don’t concentrate so hard
Lean into me
Just let me lead
The slow one, two three
Now let’s jive
Anxieties jive
It’s quick, it’s smart
I’ll twirl you and I’ll throw you
Just trust
I’m good with anxieties jive
I’m not so sure
I like to dance with madness
Yet madness likes to dance with me
I wonder does sanity dance
Perhaps it’s sensible and straight


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