March Heat

The heat is now plain vicious
Internecine fighting amongst itself
Ferociously hunting the trickle of sweat
Escaping into my eye
It’s the fag end of summer
Flirting is reduced to a smile
And small talk on the virtues of fans
To try and be cool
A night of passion
Is holding a cold drink
And trying to find a breeze
Like a date, to cool the skin
It’s the time
When skin has grown an extra layer
Of sweat, sunburn cream
And fly saliva
And towels are crusty
From smearing the skins extra layer
To other bodily parts
While clogged pores whimper for fresh air
Stores stock winter clothes
Dummies wrapped in cashmere sweaters
The folly of faith
I know I should believe
Yet between
Faith and March heat
March heat
Sears my faith

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